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Tigoni Grown Limited began operations in 2018. Back then, the core product was supplying fresh produce to the wholesale market! In 2020, we expanded the business acquiring warehouse space to further diversify and meet a larger market demand.

Since then the business has been transformed, evolving from a man-in-van type business to one of the largest independent food & drink distributors in East Africa.

Our Focus

We are focussed on serving Kenya's retail market with plans to expand to East Africa. We believe relationships are key, so we work closely with our producer networks, brands as well as our customer base. We constantly evolve our best practices to better solve the big picture problems whilst improving our service levels.

Tigoni Grown Limited

Tigoni Grown Limited


Distribution business sectors


Lower cost FMCG supply and restock to small scale shops and kiosks across Kenya.


On-time, quality food management products to enhance effeciency for restaurants.


Nutritious food options and services to lower hospitalization costs.


Feeding and nurturing future minds to grow and learn in healthy environment.


Connecting and supplying external markets with high quality locally produced Kenyan products.


Competitive pricing and delivery effeciency to enhance B2C profitability.

How we work

Producer Relationships

Tigoni Grown Limited works with a wide range of suppliers and producers, and our supply chain is expanding. There is a growing need to cut prices for the consumer leading to margins being squeezed across the board.

We work hard to maintain profitability and drive efficiencies for our suppliers. To achieve that, we have built strong supplier relationship management as a controlled and systematic approach to the sourcing process.

Our strong healthy supplier relationships are key advantage to gain better value for business. The better we know our suppliers, the better they know us. Our suppliers benefit from dedicated service, preferential pricing and special terms.

Tigoni Grown Limited

Tigoni Grown Limited

Client Section

Orders and Fulfilment


We created an ordering site from the ground up that is more than just a way to place an order. It's an experience. We listened to your needs and wants, putting the information where you expect it to be across all devices—even the one you hold in your hand.

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Tigoni Grown Limited

Tigoni Grown Limited

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Tigoni Grown Limited offers a robust ordering network online. Download our B2B ordering app to restock your fresh produce.

Tigoni Grown Limited

Tigoni Grown Limited

Community Impact

Tigoni Grown Limited approaches community impact through strengthening smallholder farmers' position, power and contribution within agricultural value chains. This focus has brought significant positive impact to local communities through:

Work with us

Buyer / Supplier

At Tigoni Grown Limited, we are able to customise our service offering to match your needs. We offer services such as sale or return, tailored price marking, inventory management via dedicated account managers, multiple delivery windows, same day delivery, scheduled delivery, various ordering methods.

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Tigoni Grown Limited is and end to end supplier and grower delivering a range of high-quality products from seed to shelf.

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